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Always-on Cloud-based Service Matches Job Seekers With Jobs

Smart semantic matching delivers highly relevant results to mobile phones

FREMONT - February 12, 2013 - Throng, a leader in semantic matching, today announced an always-on cloud-based mobile service that matches job seekers with nearby jobs. The Throng service works in tandem with apps for iPhone and Android. Because the service matches jobs continuously, it alerts mobile users even when they are busy with other tasks. The company is in the final stages of being granted a patent.

Semantic matching goes beyond the traditional "keyword search" paradigm in two ways. It analyzes an entire document at a time to create a relevance score, as opposed to keyword search that matches a few words or phrases in a document. Semantic matching returns results that are an order of magnitude more relevant than keyword search.

Throng makes it easy for a user to specify what they want succinctly and quickly get results. This is a key feature for mobile users, who don't want to enter large amounts of text or complex boolean expressions. If a Throng user wants a job in sales, it's enough to select "I want a job as a" and then enter "sales executive". Throng will now alert the user to jobs for sales people, account managers, inside sales and other sales jobs in the nearby area.

Just as importantly, the matching engine understands that this user is not looking for jobs as a sales engineer or marketing manager, even though people in those professions are often involved with sales, and won't alert the user about such jobs.

Throng also provides employers with significant benefits. Recruiters no longer have to wait till a candidate gets to a desktop or does a search on their smart phone. Throng alerts interested candidates within minutes of analyzing and matching a job. Because of the precision of Throng's semantic matching, employers can be confident that they are reaching candidates who are interested in their open positions. According to Kevin Wheeler, founder and chairman of the Future of Talent Institute, "the rapid adoption of cloud and mobile technologies coupled with more accurate matching technology is likely to reduce the time and cost of hiring."

Throng is available for iPhones and Android phones immediately. Throng monitors jobs for users within California and will soon make this feature available for the entire United States.

About Throng

Throng is a leader in semantic matching. The company was founded in late 2009 by a team of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. For more information, visit

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