Press Release

New resource for stranded BART commuters eases congestion

Makes every commuter part of the solution

FREMONT - October 18, 2013 - Today Throng rolled out a free resource for Bay Area riders stranded by the BART strike at Anyone offering or needing a ride can simply tap the link for their destination on this page. The Throng app alerts each party to the other within seconds and lets them chat to arrange the ride.

According to Sunil Mehta, Throng CEO, "no one resource, even new services like Lyft and Uber, can compensate for the loss of the BART system. However, with Throng, every commuter who is impacted by the BART strike can now become part of the solution".

Throng makes it easy for a user to specify what they want succinctly and quickly get results. This is a key feature for mobile users, who don't want to enter large amounts of text or complex boolean expressions. If a Throng user wants a job in sales, it's enough to select "I want a job as a" and then enter "sales executive". Throng will now alert the user to jobs for sales people, account managers, inside sales and other sales jobs in the nearby area.

The Throng app for iPhone and Android uses a simple but powerful approach to letting anyone say what they want, including getting or offering a ride. This works in tandem with a semantic matching engine to connect people to each other. A messaging feature enables users to chat and complete the transaction.