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Dr. Sunil Mehta,
CEO & Co-founder.
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Company Background

Throng is a leader in semantic matching. The company is in the final stages of being granted a patent on its technology. Throng has created a cloud-based mobile service that uses its semantic matching engine to match Android and iPhone users with jobs and people nearby.

Semantic matching produces significantly better results than traditional keyword search. It analyzes an entire document at a time to create a relevance score, as opposed to keyword search that matches a few words or phrases in a document. Semantic matching returns results that are on average an order of magnitude more relevant than keyword search.

Semantic matching enables the user to specify what they want succinctly and still get results with high relevance. This is important for mobile users who don't want to enter Boolean expressions or large amounts of text on their mobile phones. For example, a user who wants to find a job as a sales executive need only specify "sales exec" to be presented with jobs for sales executives, account managers and inside or outside sales people.